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I. Functions:

Managing the state activities of the science and technology, developing the science and technology potentialities; managing standards, metrology and quality; intellectual property (not consisting of author’s right on culture and art); radiation and nuclear safety in Can Tho city.

II. Major Tasks

Building and deploying long-term and short-term scientific and technological research plans that serve the economic and social development strategies in the city. Organizing to manage the scientific research programs, themes, technological development projects to be supplied finance by the government;

Organizing to select and approve the specific assignments and individuals  responsible for carrying out city science and technology missions. Monitoring, checking and estimating the implementation before acceptance and proclamation of the scientific research results; 

Managing metrology, standards and quality of the products, goods; managing initiative activities, intellectual property, technology transfer, assessing and surveying the technologies of investment projects; evaluating the level of technologies;   

Managing information technology projects;

Holding the consultative activities – Services of the scientific and technological information and documentation;

Organizing to appraise radiation safety and licensing to use the medical X-ray equipments; licensing the registration certificate of the scientific and technological action;

Being a standing office of the Urban Science and Technology council and Science and Technology Development fund. Combining in cooperation with domestic and foreign science and technology organizations to deploy the scientific and technological activities.

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