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 Forerunner of Can Tho Science and Technology Department named Hau Giang Board of Science and Techniques, formed on February 3, 1979.  With major assignments so far has been the specialized agency to help Provincial People’s Committee to manage scientific and technological activities in the area.

Many names were called such as Science and Techniques Committee (1983); Board of Science and Techniques (1990); Department of Science, Technology and Environment (1993); when separated in 2004, Can Tho city is called today.; in every period, department’s tasks have developed following real needs of country and locality.

Over 30 years is a development stage in spite of not long  as other branches.  However, thank to the interests and the opportune guidance of leadership of People’s Committee, the enthusiasm for science of Provincial departments, agencies, branches, Institution, scientists and team of civil servants, Can Tho Science and Technology department have approached some considerable accomplishments in associating  science with economic-social development of the city and contributing  to the local development of the total region as well as the whole country.

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